KompoZer, CSS, and template editing

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    Hey guys, hoping one of you might be willing to help me. I'm using Kompozer for code editing since my Dreamweaver dissappeared :confused:... Do any of you here have experience customizing their templates with this program, specifically the Fashion Hut template per chance? Thinking it might be easier just to manually edit the .css from Notepad. I have basic knowledge of HTML tags and lots of reference material, and just completed 2 junior-league CSS tutorials so i have at least a small awareness of whats involved.

    Initially i'm trying to accomplish 4 things: 1) Delete the Fashion Hut header from the middle-top (without screwing up spacial formatting, making the image dissappear, etc); 2) Move/cut shopping cart and grey link bar('men/kids/girls/boys/accessories/contactus') module from the upper-right, to be slightly modified and relocated below later on; 3) delete image of the girls in the upper left (without screwing up spacial formatting); 4) remove and relocate below 3 images on the right ('women/kids/men').

    Not entirely sure what i'm asking and i don't necessarily need detailed instructions... just wondering what i need to look for in the HTML/CSS so i can consult my tutorials to get the job done... Thank you for any help you guys might provide, it's greatly appreciated :D !