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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Michael Llanes, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Michael Llanes

    Michael Llanes New Member

    Hello, we just (past few months) started a blog for our company, we have had our main website for many years but recently started blogging offers and specials on a separate site.

    Here is our blog, let me know what we can do better... www. moneysavermag. com/blog/

    Here is our site for saving money, the Moneysaver incase anyone is interested...
  2. I think the overall look of the site is good. The feature articles scrolls a bit too fast tho and the color scheme is a little dreary. Otherwise, the specials you offer are easily accessible and easy to read. Good job.
  3. byafc

    byafc New Member

    I agree with the above, although the black background does ensure the main content is clear and easy to read. Having a quick look nothing grabbed me, made me want to look further, open more pages. You may want to consider having something that summarises in a nutshell what you offer/how the reader benefits from the site.
  4. Keri

    Keri New Member

    The layout is very easy to read and follow.
    The photos are nicely sized and the social media links are right there at a quick convenience.
    Nice job!
  5. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member

    Note: O errors - 39 warnings: that HTML Tidy can fix automatically
    HTML Tidy:
    hope this helps
    falcon (under cover)
  6. Drachsi

    Drachsi New Member

    The URL is not working, what happen? There are a number of "Alert" solutions which can send an email if a site is down, useful for most owners. For more details see the section Webmaster Services
  7. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member

    I like the dropdown menu "Our Categories" might want to add a second level (such as - floors - hardwood - laminate - epoxy)
    Good use of related posts and Recent offers
    <title>Atlantic Xteriors, Inc. | Moneysaver Deals</title> (42 characters)
    <title>Automotive | Moneysaver Deals</title> (29 characters)
    <title>Carpet | Moneysaver Deals</title> (25 characters)
    Google allows 66 characters (including spaces) in the title
    You may want to take advantage of that and add a short description (including some
    keywords - Keywords are the words people use to find your site)
    hope this helps
  8. MALLA

    MALLA New Member

    Overall its an attractive site,easy to understand what the whole thing is about.But when you scroll down from a blue and colorful part to the fully white part that kinda mocks it up.Try to have the same background.Anyway really Nice Job! :)
  9. donluigi86

    donluigi86 New Member


    I really like your website. I'm sure you are aware of the moneysavingexpert .com website here in the UK which is incredibly popular (and recently sold for £80 odd million!).....worth checking out. Anyway, its simple what your blog is about which is great......the categorisation of deals on the right is really useful. What I would suggest is that you reduce the size of the picture and attached information on each deal listed on the blog.....There should also, i think, be reference to the individual deal on the main listing i.e. "20% off at XXXX" or "get 2 for 1 on XXXX at XXXX" as the deal headlines......

    Best of luck
  10. WLC

    WLC New Member

    Although I'm not sure how feasible this is, I think the site would benefit from less waffle under each image and a more concise summary. As it is, it reads a bit like spam, in some cases. Other than that I like it; nice clean layout and easy to navigate.
  11. Grandsatsuma

    Grandsatsuma New Member

    I think the pages design is great, It has a nice colour scheme and is easy to navigate. Its good that you have not covered your site with ads too, most like this have loads. The social networking buttons are good too, nowadays they are pretty much a must. I cant offer much help with coding and such things (I am useless at that) But overall the site is great :] I will edit this poster later when I find something negative to say :p
  12. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Hello, I liked your main page, it got right to the point looked really nice,when I entered the content of the site I found it very pleasantly organized and professional looking. The Facebook button on the side is a very nice and convenient touch, and personally, considering the sights purpose; I could not find a single flaw technically or aesthetically. Keep doing what you are doing!
  13. PearlLopez

    PearlLopez New Member

    Our new blog & website where we plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape & disrupt our industry & the world of the internet of things.
  14. CSSBrush

    CSSBrush New Member

    A blog is a blog. And you made the one. Good one.
    One glitch: In "Coupon Categories" menu, when you hover on "Food and dining" submenu, the menu width is resizing. Hope if that doesn't resize, it could have been more consistent.